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His Dog Died Of Cancer 2 Weeks Ago. The House Cat’s Reaction Was Heartbreaking.. Check out this funny picture. MadeItFunny. Funny, amusing website. Made to make you laugh.

The feels.THE FEELS! D: *sniff* Now I need a new heart.because this one's broken! D: His Dog Died Of Cancer 2 Weeks Ago. The House Cat’s Reaction Was Heartbreaking.


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Kitten Ballroom Dancing: "Baby-Puss-Puss-love-da-Dirty-Dancin" breaks out a in sweat after performing his strenuous, highly innovative triple time cha-cha to the music of Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog".

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Happy Kitten is a relatively unknown meme showing a kitten with a seeming smile on its face. The captions that come with it are usually offensive; often men

looks like my maci when she was a baby

Mintkit Mother:Sunshine Father:Blizzardstrike Siblings:Firepaw,Spottedpath,Darkrose Gender:femaleTap the link to check out great cat products we have for your little feline friend!

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I let my mind wander.

This is what I wake up to every morning, except it's my cat, Elvis, and he wants to eat. and he's pawing my face or knocking things off of the nightstand!