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Soviet № was destroyed in the battle for the Ostrov city…


bmashina: “ Destroyed captured on the road Protasovo-Grineva. The Northern flank of the Kursk salient, July (TSAMO RF ”

Серийный тяжелый танк с противоснарядным бронированием КВ-2 был спроектирован в Ленинграде на Кировском заводе под руководством Ж. Я. Котина и изготовлен в феврале 1940 года. Старшим группы проектировщиков был Н. Л. Духов. КВ-2 предназначался для прорыва сильно укрепленных оборонительных полос (разрушения стрельбой прямой наводкой дотов и дзотов), для усиления подразделений, вооруженных легкими и средними танками. Особенностью этой машины была установка в башне увеличенных размеров (по…

Heavy tank with serial turret / Czołg ciężki z seryjną wieżą

A massive KV-2 under German control is drawing quite a crowd

A massive under German control is drawing quite a crowd

Padded Thais under a Soviet tank KV-2 from the 1st Armored Division of the Leningrad Front

A knocked out Soviet tank, from the Armored Division of the Leningrad Front. *Note the hole in the turret.


“Winter 1944 Officers inspecting a shot Tiger”


The Panzer IV was the most common German tank of World War II, and its chassis was used as the basis for other combat vehicles such as tank destroyers, self-propelled artillery and antiaircraft artillery self-propelled.

Tiger(Porsche)Both, Henschel and Porsche’s prototypes arrived to a station near Rastenburg on April 19th of 1942 and then traveled 11km to Rastenburg, while constantly breaking down.On April 20th of 1942 at 11:00am, both Porsche and Henschel prototypes were presented to Adolf Hitler (on his birthday) in Wolfschanze (Rastenburg), East Prussia. Tests were scheduled for July and preliminary tests proved that the Tiger(P)’s design was far from being perfect

Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger (P) / Porsche Typ 101 On May of during the meeting concerning the development of new weaponry, Adolf Hitler ordered both Dr.Porsche and Henschel to supply their designs for a heavy tank, which was to be ready in the summer of