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Anorexia is going to kill another two friends of mine, I already lost one to suicide, and all I do is. survive, because I have no other choice.

I'm overwhelmed with Anxiety. it came to the point where small things make me feel like breaking down or crying.. Everything is toooo much for me now :\

I am severely overwhelmed with everything. It's come to the point that even small tasks make me feel like breaking down and just crying. Why do I feel like this, it's ridiculous?

I can see Aiden saying this to Lyra after he's wounded at the battle later dubbed The Massacre (I don't know what this quote is from. If you do, please let me know)

photography death blood quote depressed depression sad lonely self harm self hate dead empty razor tear selfharm selfhate

We'll be together again....someday. (˘⌣˘)ε˘`) <3 (^ _ ^)/~~

I'm having trouble determining whether I'm still madly in love or just sad

But fitting into lyrics makes me remember that others have made it through whatever im going through!

It gets better! I know it stinks to hear that all the time, but trust me it does! So for the time being, it's okay to fit better into lyrics than life.


sometimes when we are feeling this way, we lie to those who ask us whats wrong, not because its none of their business because it is, because they care about you but we say we are fine because we don't want them to worry about us.

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Seriously though, I'm too nice sometimes.but I'd rather be nice and then be mean to everyone, even those who don't deserve it

I'd rather be content, single and with great friends I can count on than to allow myself the possibility of being hurt by someone I try to care for. WHY do I think like that?!?!

Um guys my friend just lost her crush to cancer.and now she's depressed.I don't know the pain of Losing someone dear to you at all.but one day I will feel that pain.Why the hell does cancer even exist. I HATE THE DAMN THING SO MUCH!

Image about twitter in glee layouts (mostly lea) by inactive.

Image about twitter in glee layouts (mostly lea) by inactive.