This just makes me so happy! baby elephant enjoying

Baby elephant playing at the beach. After watching this baby elephant play in the ocean for the first time, I'll wager any person that leaves still believing that animals have no souls is completely lacking in compassion.

Look at all those fluffy babies!

and these are killed by duck hunters. How cruel.

Donkey and foal.

I just had to pin this because how often do we look at donkey pictures and think they're cute

naturesome: “ If this isn’t the cutest little happy ducky you’ve ever seen then you are not human. By: Erika H.


How many Opossum babies can you count? Opossum mother and her babies and we think ONE kid is heavy! :D

dite Buongiorno Bambini

Mogger with her cubs. Female cheetah and cubs, Masai Mara, Kenya