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Claw Rake and Cultivator ,Oenbopo Garden Scratch Tool Stainless steel 3 Long Claws Pronged Weeding Ripping Rake Garden Balcony Lawn Clutivator Mini size with enhanced claws with diameter of and length up for durable and effective.

The eco-fit yard after picture.  I love that they call rain barrels "water butts"

How to eco-fit your garden

The eco-fit yard after picture. I love that they call rain barrels water butts - Gardening Design

9 Upcycled Seed Starters // #recycling #gardening #plants #greenthumb #seeds #flowers #vegetables #garden #goodful

9 Upcycled Seed Starters // #recycling #gardening #plants #greenthumb #seeds #flowers #vegetables #garden #goodful

Composting 101!!! Repin and make this a fun family project to do with the kids this summer!!!

Composting 101

Neste post, você vai encontrar um DIY sobre como fazer uma composteira em casa e descubrir como cultivá-la para levar uma vida muito mais saudável.

DIY: como fazer uma composteira em casa!

Trenching - composting by digging a trench roughly deep and filling it with compostable scraps, covering them with alternate layers of soil. Once completed leave them for to break down and then plant your vegetables directly into the bed.

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Five Easy Trellis Ideas, and Trellis Growing Tips. Great for growing vertical gardens and maximizing small spaces.

I am going to grow on a windowsill garden and one right outside the back door in a raised garden bed.  Check out how to build one...

Building a raised garden bed

This is a great idea since topsoil was such a bear to find last year! How to layer material for a raised bed garden without importing expensive potting mix & topsoil: Layer: Straw mulch Compost Newspaper/ cardboard Grass clippings Rough mulch Branches