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let-your-faith-be-bigger-than-your-fear.png (500×500)

Letting go of the perfect future: Let your faith be bigger than your fear

A culpa é das estrelas. my genre www.adealwithGodbook.com

effyeahnerdfighters: yasminwithane: The Fault in Our Stars obsession. It’s pretty much impossible to fit all the amazing quotes from The Fault in Our Stars on one poster.



We don't grow in our comfort zone. Face challenges head on, find the lesson and turn it into something meaningful! Instead of fearing hard things, face them head on

Cuidado con los artistas! Se mezclan con todas las clases sociales y por tanto son los más peligrosos!

True-ism: Actual poster from the issued by Senator Joseph McCarthy at the height of the Red Scare and anti communist witch hunt in Washington. All artists were suspect but the irony of this, is that Senator Joseph McCarthy was the one who was dangerous!