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Thank god it's Monday - Makes your mondays much more enjoyable!    Best regards,  http://plingm.com/app

Tomorrow is Monday again! James is always asking if its Friday yet. Starts Monday afternoon, and all week long. "Is it the weekend yet?

The older I get, the more everyone can kiss my ass.

Card Store com Vintage photograph woman, The Older I Get, the more everyone can kiss my ass, You can only be nice to people for so long. I'm still nice, but you can't allow people to come at you crazy all of the time lol

Crying Girl, No Tomorrow's Monday!

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Job/Resume Funnies: It’s Monday again!!

Wow Its Monday! Its Monday again! And don't cry, I warned you earlier! The Monday Blues Continues

Yeah it's Monday again said no one ever

"yeah its monday said no one ever" well. I'm off work on Tuesday/Wednesday soooo. Technically Monday is my Friday and I'm so glad it's Monday morning.

Happy Monday! ❤️

Pretty sur this is how I look everytime I clock in for my shift during a one day sale.

Lucille Ball

Hope everyone's Monday is going better than expected. Lots of fun things happening this week at the Stay tuned for details!