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Funny Cartoon Old Women Smoking

Cigarettes is good for you. Won't kill anybody, look at her! I' m 48 ., ' ltl, still feeling good. Cigarettes is good for you Won't kill anybody look at her! I' m 48 ' ltl still feeling

I had no choice... - 9GAG

I had no choice...

They're kind of a big deal. Hollywood celebrities without teeth just show how important teeth really are for your smile and laughs. Teeth really do matter!

 this little piggy!!!!

Love that someone found humor in an otherwise bad situation. I'd use my accidental dismemberment payment to get this tattoo :) ~ Ink Tattoos Little Piggy

Junk Drawer

Boy would I like to

Use Your Hands To Project Confidence… – (Comic). Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

MARIELA ! LOL . everytime we're at work and theres too many people xD @Mariela Vazquez

Personally hate the "F" word but why does it seem to make it even funnier. Fuck is my favorite F word lol

no joke either!...seriously what is this world coming to??

Modern Marriage [Comic]

why smoking is bad for your eye #infographic

Why Smoking Is Bad For Your Eyes [Infographic]

Ratatuille--meet the real Linguini!!

Before the movie, this guy was just another dorky teen. Now, he's the real life guy of Alfredo Linguini from Disney Pixar's Ratatouille . The resemblance is uncanny!


2 things I know for certain in my life: I have big boobs. My taste in music is wonderful.

#humor #meme #funny

The wind never stood a chance - funny family portrait - humor -bad family photo

Made this for those of us with some class.

One of my biggest pet peeves is women who are "proud" to be a bitch. It just screams for attention. in your case you are the "big woman". along with being rude and a complete bitch

Lucky Guy Wins Lottery and Finds Love of His Life : Random Funny Picture