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Moss covered rock (by Melody Pena!)

Moss covered rock (by Melody Pena!

These look like alien landscapes! Pattern Observer- lichen

*images via: “Lichens on by Doug Beckers, “Bay_of_Fires-Rocks” by Tracey Croke, Chelsea Densmore, Chelsea Densmore, “Lichen” by Domini


Umbrella Mosses Hypnodendron is a genus of mosses in the family Hypnodendraceae in the major group Bryophytes (Mosses and liverworts). They are commonly known as Umbrella moss and Palm tree.

石垣のコケ:ツチノウエノコゴケにかなり近いかな? - 自然発見・自然遊び

石垣のコケ:ツチノウエノコゴケにかなり近いかな? - 自然発見・自然遊び