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I really wish this group of villains had more time.  They could have been outstanding.

The DD Girls, Youma no. and Including some of Queen Beryl's high-ranking Youma, they appeared in "The Sailor Senshi Die! The Tragic Final Battle".

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the sailor scouts as little kids! i loved it when they got turned into little kids in the sailor moon movie super s the black dream hole

Jane Elliot - color blind? Lies (pic not related)

Somtimes I get annoyed of my thick long hair but then I see this and I feel a whole lot better ♥️

Sailor Moon was totally on point. :) Here's 24 ways these girls rocked it.

24 Times The Fashion In "Sailor Moon" Was On Point

Fighting evil by moonlight, looking fierce by daylight. The Sailor Scouts may have been heroes but they were also fashion queens.

Sailor Moon Funny Faces

While I love the new Sailor Moon, a part of me still misses these outrageous faces!