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Marissa and Jackson...Siblings and get along pretty well, Jackson is 16 Marissa is 15...Adopt?

Name: Sienna & Stefano Ages: 14 description: Sienna & Stefano are twins. Sienna and Stefano investigate school problems and Adoption problems.

i don't care if you see them as siblings or friends or lovers or a father/daughter thing or cousins or whaTEVER THIS IS ADORABLE

i don't think this is a in love thing. I see it as a ether a father and daughter thing or sibling thing!

Uncle Diaval by Ski-Machine.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Uncle Diaval by Ski-Machine - maleficent<-- I totally shipped them. Like, I thought he was going to wake up Aurora at the end.

deviantART: More Like Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons (COMPLETE) by ~PhantomDreamerLuna

deviantART: More Like Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons (COMPLETE) by ~PhantomDreamerLuna-don't know if they planned it but you can tell it pains him to tell her. He def loves her

Characters in modern dress by Punziella

Disney (and Dreamworks) characters in modern fashion. Elsa (Frozen), Jack Frost (Rise of The Guardians), Hiccup (how to train your dragon), Merida (brave), Anna (frozen) and Rapunzel (tangled)

La más linda familia de todas :) <3 <3 <3... !!!

Jackunzel Family__Modern AU hanging out with their little girls, Elsa and Anna