Not seeing a source on these, unfortunately.

ofbaskerville: “ this-time-for-sure: “ Some more cute military lolita things that I’ve come across recently.


Gothic Lolita Dress OP Black Cotton Double Breasted Button Long Sleeve Bow Ruffled Lolita One Piece Dress

MIHO MATSUDA                                                                                                                                                                                 More

MIHO MATSUDA Not the grandest outfit but perfect when trying to be inconspicuously pompous.

ロリータ衣装,ジャケット コート 紺色 プリンセスライン コスプレ -

Being the most beautiful Lolita princess, Milanoo Lolitashow Classic Dark Navy Velour Lolita Coat couples with sweet styles and comfortable materials at affordable prices.

Very nice

If I could wear victorian steampunk without people glaring, I'd do it. <<< forget the people glaring, I'd wear it if I could afford it!

look at that coat! it's amazing! i would go out in that vest and coat, maybe with the skirt too.

If I wore this I would be on a pirate ship bc I wanna steal and murder people while looking the part too