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Tsukubai Water Fountains, Japanese Garden Design Ideas

Square Tsukubai Fountain by treyerice, via Flickr

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Japanese Garden Inspired: Above-ground water features in the landscape offer soothing sounds and tranquil vignettes. Here, a massive boulder and gurgling fountain create a unique getaway.

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Japanese style water feature with bamboo spout and lantern in the background, UK - Gardening For You

Smart Contemporary How To Design A Japanese Garden. Bamboo Water Feature In Japanese Garden Rustic Featuring Boulder Stone And Stone Bowl And Stone Temple Along With White Sand Also Green Plant Gardening Backyard Japanese Garden.

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Tsukubai Water Fountains, Japanese Garden Design Ideas - There are different types of small water fountains and stone bowl designs for creating a Japanese garden: Chōzubachi 手水鉢  Hand Water Basin, Tsukubai  蹲踞 (つくばい)  Stooping Basin, Zenigata Tsukubai  銭型蹲踞 (ぜにがたつくばい)Coin Shaped Basin . . .

Tsukubai Water Fountains, Japanese Garden Design Ideas

Small outdoor water fountains are important garden decorations for creating beautiful oriental garden design and backyard landscaping ideas. Tsukubai water fountains are for those who appreciate natur

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The Portland Japanese Garden is a traditional Japanese garden occupying acres, located within Washington Park in the west hills of Portland, Oregon, USA. Portland Japanese Garden is composed of five distinct garden styles

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