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Imagine these plant things popping up out of the ground or peeling themselves off walls or trees to chase after you at an unsettlingly fast pace O.o

Here's the problem with playing any Pokemon game: there are too many cool Pokemon that you want to include on your team at any given time, but you' . View More Incredible Pokemon Fusions" and more funny posts on Dorkly

"In the darkest night, we are the flame."

payoki: “ In the darkest night, we are the flame. Team Valor charges into battle! I will be selling this as a print at Animaga along with my prints of Team Mystic and Instinct!

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Level 10 and my highest cp Pokemon is an ARCANINE with around 900 cp, still not as strong as the ones in the closest gym

Kyurem by Rodentruler on DeviantArt

Hey guys, I've been really busy lately but I started this a couple weeks ago and decided to finish this today in celebration of pokemon B/W being releas.

Black Kyurem by CuteSkitty on DeviantArt

companion piece to: Wich version did you /would you like to get?

F.U.S.E. Corps Contest Lunos by DavidDarck.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Name: Lunos Warp Speed Transport Pokemon Type: Dragon/Psyquic Ability: Match Warp: Always attacks first, and all attacks that hit more than once per tur.

White Kyurem by Haychel

White Kyurem by Haychel

A lo largo de la franquicia se distorsionan ciertos puntos del mundo Pokémon y terminan interpretándose de la forma equivocada, veamos algunos de ellos.

Just a quick artwork of Black Kyurem and White Kyurem from Pokemon Black and White Kyurem Black and White

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Custom Pokedragon for shiny Kyurem for Custom Pokemon Themed Dragon: Shiny Kyurem

zweiten Generation

Pokémon Go: Pokémon der zweiten Generation und ihre Eier

Pokemon Reshiram Vs Zekrom Wallpaper

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Black kyurem white kyurem

Black kyurem white kyurem