Now that's what I'm talking about...

Claimed ~ The Walking Dead I claimed him! He's mine!) <<-- hell yes he's claimed. Lol<<lady's lady's we can SHARE HIM, hell yah hes claimed

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Yeah Norman kicks ass to all those pretencious famous!He's the real deal. No one has to pay a month salary to hug or kiss him and be away from him! He is sweet and kind and always has the time for fans.

Norman Reedus with his black cat, "Eye in the Dark"

Eye in the dark…

Norman Reedus with his black cat, "Eye in the Dark"<-- I don't watch walking dead much, but this is so sweet!


Is this not the sexiest thing EVER! Men who are sweet and gentle and love cats. Norman Reedus ~celebrity ambassador for Cruelty Free International -- the global organization dedicated to ending cosmetics testing on animals.

Yes I will and you better believe it

Surprisingly ( your all gonna hate me for this. ) i really dont care if daryl dies. Hes only good for fighting amd nothing else really.<<<<DARYL IS AMAZING IN EVERY WAY

I still think Daryl would win, Merle is just hateful, until the end

Exclusive 'Walking Dead' photos: Daryl and Merle prepare to fight to the death