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Well idk how to fell about this, i think I shouldn't like it bcuz I cosplay as Hikaru and my friend cosplays as Kaoru. I like it tho bcuz the twins are just so cute at moments like this. Ouran high school host club gives me mixed feelings.

ouran high school host club meme | Tumblr

Its actually the opposite in my life. I'm so unpopular so I just wear whatever I have in the closet but when I'm at home I'm like so much cooler XD OKAY NEVER MIND HIHIHIHI

Pretty much....

True AOT and Oraun high school hot club i mean host host club

Epic Fail

Honey: "Do you think that this is Haruhi's first kiss?" *lunges and causes her to ACTUALLY kiss her*. Thanks for overreacting and making everything worse as usual Tamaki.