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ANSATSU KYOUSHITSU/ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM, Fan made, Thank you Koro-sensei - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

If you aren't at least crying on the inside right now you are not a true Assassination Classroom fan-----this made me cry my eyes out. ♡Thank you Koro sensei for everything♡


When I first watched Assassination Classroom, I thought the he is a girl. Then once I knew he was a boy. Then I realized he is a girl.

///Awww~ Que lindura~! x///D /// Ciertamente, Karma-Kun es muy lindo aveces :)

Karma x Nagisa (KaruNagi/Karmagisa) from Ansatsu Kyoushitsu/Assassination Classroom

10245307_1525455264413114_2267859989836447385_n.jpg (600×750)

10245307_1525455264413114_2267859989836447385_n.jpg (600×750)

Anything can be a sword if you polish it enough, text, quote, Shiota Nagisa, snake; Assassination Classroom

Assassination classroom~Nagisa Shiota~ I have to admit, this is the most amazing picture of Nagi-kun that I have ever seen ^~^

Assasination Classroom, Assassin, Otaku

Nagisa Shiota || Assassination Classroom

Practice drawing nagisa too (.