Swedish Air Force Saab Sk35C Draken. (Photo: Andrey Alexander Sakarov Hutauruk)

A Moment In Our Life Vol.7

“Swedish Saab 35 Draken, one of the most unique jet aircraft ever put into production, and arguably the most beautiful!


Royal Navy fighter pilot Lord Alexander Hawke's Harrier in the skies over Baghdad in the Iraq War. His squadron was based on the HMS Ark Royal.

B 29:  - Fabricante: Boeing  – País: EUA  * Foi o maior bombardeiro da Segunda Guerra que além de ter soltado a bomba atômica, apresentou várias novidades como a cabine pressurizada.

Olive-drab painted Boeing Superfortress bombers, late At the end they didn't paint the planes in olive-drab, first nobody wanted to have the aliminium-coloured planes, but they didn't had a chose ~

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Spitfire - I got to fly in one of these! We were Pulling G's, and flying upside down over the ocean in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Fighter Jet in afterburner mode...i follow back @ tonygqusa I follow back.  http://www.hotel-booking-in.com

Fighter Jet in afterburner mode. This aircraft is one of the most spectacular things i have ever seen!

O F/A-XX prevê substituir os caças Super Hornets a partir de 2030. (Foto: Boeing)

The Pentagon in Virginia is planning to introduce artificial intelligence to jets (F/A-XX concept shown). The plan it to use AI as co-pilots to humans to help with sensory data and landings.

F-22 Raptor

50 Totally Stunning Combat Aircraft Photos Taken Around Alaska

F14-Tomcat                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る

grumman f 14 tomcat wallpapers for mac desktop by Holbrook Butler

boeing bell v22 osprey

V - 22 Osprey_I was a manager in the LM/ BAJ tooling shop that built the Layup mandrel for the body of this cool plane .

The U.S. Air Force has released images of its latest fighter jet on one of its first combat missions. An F-22 Raptor stealth jet - above - is seen being refu...

A Sept. 26 photograph released by the U. Air Force shows a Extender refueling an Raptor fighter aircraft before a strike operation against Islamic State targets in Syria.