bright blue hair with side swept fringe  Not crazy about the bangs for myself but they're cute on her!

bright blue hair - instead of being old and having white hair and be called a "blue hair" I'm actually going to dye my hair blue when I'm old.


blue and blonde hair, hair colors, hairstyles, colored hair, colorful hair. This looks amazing! If i ever dye my hair blonde I'm gonna do this!

green hair, short, mint hair

Nice wavy bob I could never go aqua like that but I like the cut! Check out the website to see more (Short Dyed Hair)

Colored Ombre. Oh my GOSH I love this. I would so get this for my next color.

Perrie Edwards ombre pink hair/// she is seriously the definition of perfection! I FRICKIN love her and her <<<<< Perrielle is BEAUTIFUL! And I really love Zerrie!

Lesson From The Pros: Blue Hair, Don't Care #hairchalk #coloredhair #bluehair

Blue Hair, Don't Care

If you want a cool rocking hair color without the commitment, chalking it those brilliant shades is the answer! Here is a how-to with a beachy wave style thrown in!