goodbye sayings but gotta add... In awhile crocodile Not too soon  big baboon  Luv ya I do cockatoo

More First Day Stuff!

Goodbye sayings. "see you later alligator give a hug ladybug hit the road happy toad see you soon raccoon out the door dinosaur"

✰Cute ways to text goodbye!✰

Fun "goodbye" sayings! This would be cute to put by the classroom teacher friends.

Goodbye Song.....i might change "play" to "learn"

Movement Given lyrics and movements to disney song students will be able to remember movements and listen. To develop effective language skills, both listening and speaking.

kindergarten prep |  what’s been keeping me focused this summer, along with our crazy swim and dive schedules, trip to the beach, and visits with family, has been the idea that my job as a parent is to do all I can to prepare my littlest for her big Kindergarten year.  So rather than reinvent the wheel, I turned to my archives a bit to see what we did last summer to get the O-man ready for his big Kindergarten year.  I made some adjustments, changes, and adaptations for Cora.

how to prepare your child for kindergarten -- summertime prep

how to prepare your child for kindergarten -- what you can do NOW with a few weeks before the school year starts!