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iRobot | RP-Vita Medical Telepresence Robot on Behance

ical Telepresence Robot : A unique collaboration between iRobot and Intouch Health was created to develop a robot that fills the need of doctors being in any hospital at any time. This was an exciting and rewarding challenge to design

Robot room service is coming to US hotels

Robot room service is coming to US hotels

Konica Minolta Completes Installations of Savioke Hotel Delivery Robot – Konica Minolta Business Innovation Center, North America

Tico, WALL-E’s Real-Life Robot Twin; price: between 60,000~100,000 Euros ($85,000~$141,000 USD) depending on the options you select, or you can rent one for 2,500 Euros ($3,500) per day

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Tipron is a home robot that can automatically project an 80 inch screen from a distance of 9.8 ft(3m). He can move around your home and project content...

Tipron - The Transforming Internet Connected Projection Robot

Tipron Projection Robot Is An AWESOME Personal Home Robot Projector. Why carry a TV around the house when you can order a mechanical servant to roll into any room and beam movies onto a wall?

Gostai Jazz telepresence robot (

Gostai Jazz telepresence robot (

Aido Smart Robot |Home

Smart, Social & Interactive Home Robot - Aido. He’s an all in one package that comes with the best of home automation, security, assistance, entertainment and much more!


LG’s Advanced Intelligent Consumer and Industrial Robots Chat, Clean and Mow the Lawn


Gill Pratt Discusses Toyota’s AI Plans and the Future of Robots and Cars

I didn’t realize was happening to me — I am turning into robot. It seems bizarre, but let me explain it to you before you run off and report me to the authorities. #socialmedia

Being Mr. Roboto is a “no no” and how it’s destroying your social media

Feature: Social Learning Robot Observes and Interacts with Humans, Looks Slightly Creepy

robot - Google zoeken

Fujisoft has announced its latest technology named Palro. This latest invention is a humanoid robot, that can stands 39 centimeters t.