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Adromischus triflorus

Adromischus triflorus A pretty shrub-forming plant with silvery white leaves speckled with green at the centre. Orange and red leaf margins. Part sun / light shade.

Adromischus maclatus

Adromischus maculatus - love this spotted Adromischus! But I don't know how hardy it is.

Plantas suculentas: un sinfín de formas y texturas

¡Cuanto más las veo, más me gustan!

Kalanchoe tigrina

Kalanchoe tigrina

Nice magenta striping on yellowish skin. Makes attractive clumps that stay tight when grown in good light.

In a discussion I recently had, following the post on Crassula barbata, the question was, "What happens to Crassula hemisphaerica once it ...

This looks more like a sea animal. Is all of the color related to light exposure / leaf senescence or what?

Haworthia limifolia f. variegata. Native to S Mozambique, Swaziland & South Africa. (Succulent)

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