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Bitch I'll chop off your'e head if you say one more word

yup im still mad at on of my friend for saying "Cameron Nash Shawn Jack J. Aron Taylor Hayes aren't even cute":( yup still mad!

I can't scroll past this ever!

It kills me to see Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas and Carter Reynolds cry and then there's Matt Espinosa, MagCon Boys<< it kills me to see anyone of the boys cry, even tho Matt's is . Idk how to put it

Dude. This whole thing describes me. So Accurate....

And then you have the chill Ines like me that are just like "hey I like that pic that he posted looks good and I like that shirt. Hmm I'm really hungry should I order pizza. Yeah let's order pizza" that's me

We are just starting out and it would be so cool if you guys could follow my insta☺️ @grierbrothersxx

He's only 6 months older than me. That was my face when I found out that he was the closest to my age which is freaking awesome.