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A concept art for the Koberon - A sci- Fi collaboration project. For more info go here: 3D turntable here:

Image updated with completed model and better light settings This is hard work! The Aftermath Advanced Capital Assault Supercarrier (ACAS) is the largest fighting ship in Hexiron. Measuring a mindb.

Xintrin Avenger Gunship by ILJackson

Model: Maredon Type: Main Battle Tank Manufacturer: Saiion Weaponry Armaments: 1 High Explosive Magnetic Cannon 2 Javelin Turret 30 Long Range Ghost Missiles The Maredon was put into.

Hammerhead remastered by TMC-Deluxe on DeviantArt

Space: Above and Beyond Endo/Exo Atmospheric Attack Jet, a little bit remastered Hammerhead remastered

Scouting Panzer by on @deviantART

Fire the high speed anti-tank gun from the distance, hidden between the high grass of the tropical plains. From an imaginary war of continuation in the .