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4 triky, jak číst lidem myšlenky

eye exercises can strengthen the eye muscles, improve focus, eye movements and stimulate the center of the brain's vision. These help counteract

Don't it make my brown eyes blue

my eye. Canon PowerShot IS more eyes & lips -> [link] enjoy eye IV

Crazy eye color facts you wish you knew, http://colorfuleyes.org/contact-lenses/eye-colors/

Eye Colors

eyes are one of her most defining features with their light amber coloring and piercing stare.

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Here,a lil knowledge ~ Central Heterochromia. Example of central heterochromia which is when the iris displays more than one colour. Generally with a sunflower or starburst type pattern around the pupil

Mystic Grey Contact Lenses (Pair)

Alluring and powerful, our Twilight Volturi Vampire Contact Lenses give you a stunning look. These vampire contact lenses have a blood red colour with a defined outer ring that