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No mans land

No man's land was the land inbetween two trenches during war.

WW1, 1916, French ammunition depot. Image: 20729354 - Alamy

Stock Photo - 2 1916 61 French ammunition depot Photo History World War 1 France The Somme French ammunition depot Photo anon undat

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Soldier in a Dug Out Bruce County Military History World War 1 Photos - No Man's Land

Les rats dans les tranchées sont un fléau. Ils apportent les puces, la gale, mangent les rations et empêchent les soldats de dormir .the trenches in ww1 were infested with millions of rats. They were a problem because they spread infection and disease like the plague and contaminated the soldiers' food.

Rats were another problem soldiers of both sides faced in the trench warfares. The rats were breading everyday and the numbers grew in the thousands in these mile long trenches.Hunting rats became a sort of sport for the soldiers.