Spilla in oro Etrusca a granulazione .. a sei punte con perle e perline di vetro,e smalto 550 A.C. da Cerveteri

Brooch, Ottonian (probably northern Italy) Gold with pearls, glass, and cloisonné enamel; decorated with miniature architectural forms constructed of fine gold filigree and granulation.

Etruscan plate of gold.  The plate is finely decorated with different patterns. In the middle is a large ruby.  Etruscan.  Found in Italy.  Date is unknown.  Source: Leiden Museum of Antiquities

sporadicq: “ ancientpeoples: Etruscan plate of gold. The plate is finely decorated with different patterns. In the middle is a large ruby. Source: Leiden Museum of.

Pendant Brooch with Cameo of Enthroned Virgin and Child, 11th–12th century

Byzantine Pendant Brooch with Cameo of Enthroned Virgin and Child and Christ Pantokrator late (Chalcedony cameo; gold mount with pearls, emeralds, garnets, sapphires, and a sardonyx intaglio)

Art Etrusque - Pédagogie - Espaces disciplinaires

Ear-stud decorated with a rosette surrounded by concentric bands, globules and flowers. Gold with vitreous glass paste insets, Etruscan artwork, BC.

Roman-Langobardic Disk Brooch with Cameo and Cabochons. The Roman Cameo dates from c. 100 - 300 AD, and the Langobardic brooch from c. 600

Disc brooch with onyx cameo and glass cabochons Date: mount ca. Roman (cameo) Medium: Sheet gold, onyx, glass, and wire Dimensions: Overall: 2 x in. x cm) Classification: Metalwork-Gold Credit Line: Purchase, 1895

Anglo Saxon/Viking pendant 400 A.D. - 1000 A.D.  I love ancient jewelry.

Its compartmentalization feels functional, mechanical. Anglo Saxon/Viking pendant 400 A. - 1000 A.

What Varys would wear with Tears of Lys in it. Bottle-Amulet/Roman with Wicker Beading, 3rd-2nd Centuries B.C.

Bottle-Amulet/Roman with Wicker Beading, Centuries B. (Or it's the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, I think we should be open to that possibility.

Gold Bee from Eastern Greece, (detail) 7thc BC, Nasher Duke Museum, NC

Golden Bee from Eastern Greece, (detail) BC, Nasher Duke Museum, NC

Anello d'oro persiano antico, 500 A.C. - Teheran IRAN.

Persian gold ring - 500 BC, 2 running lions on each side, floral design, garnet intaglio with standing king with a horse by his side

16th century. Flemish manufacture pendant depicting Hercules, gold, enamel and pearl, Scaramazza, via Christie's Geneva.

A Golden Rose. Flemish manufacture-Pendant depicting Hercules, gold, enamel and pearl-Scaramazza XVI century-Christie-Geneva-

A PAIR OF ETRUSCAN GOLD DISKS   CIRCA LATE 4TH CENTURY B.C.   Each formed of domed sheet, encircled by granules, elaborately adorned in concentric rings, with clusters of granulation, filigree spirals centered by granules, clusters of granulation around larger granules, centered by a piriform knob embellished with granulation; mounted as earrings with modern gold backs and posts

Pair of Etruscan gold disks circa century B. wher we can see the fine granulation technique invented by the Etruscan.


Some Byzantine jewelry from the 6th-7th century

Gold Earring with Pearls and Sapphires Date: century Culture: Byzantine Medium: Gold, sapphire, pearls Dimensions: Overall: 2 x x in. x x cm) w/o hook: 1 x x in.

Persian Gold & Turquoise Ring, 13th century

Beautiful granulation in Persian Ring, century. 1 D Museum of Art Rhode Island School of Design. Murray S. Photography by Erik Gould.