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The Bizarre, Eye-Popping Costumes of Europe’s Wild Men

miss-mary-quite-contrary: “ Charles Fréger: “Schnappviecher”, Tramin, Italien ”

Altuzarra Goes Wild! A Look at the Photos Inspiring His Spring Collection

Altuzarra Goes Wild! A Look at the Photos Inspiring His Spring Collection

Krampus, Bad Mitterndorf, Austria

Charles Fréger, Krampus, Bad Mitterndorf, Austria, From the "Wilder Mann" series © Charles Fréger

Germany   You might not know it, but we’re in the middle of pagan ritual season! Every year from December until Easter, people from every country in Europe partake in pagan rituals in order to honor the planet’s annual cycle of death and rebirth.   Several years ago Charles Fréger set out to document the many costumes used all over Europe for pagan rituals, visiting 18 countries on his journey to pin down the archetype of the “Wild Man” that transcends any one culture. The pictures were…

Astonishing pictures of century pagan ritual garb from all over Europe

Africa | Kuosi Society ensemble from the Bamileke people of Cameroon | Fabric, glass beads, parrot feathers

Kuosi Society ensemble (Bamileke, Cameroon) Fabric, beads, parrot feathers, 48 in

Charles Fréger’s resulting series, “Wilder Mann” is available in book form, titled “Wilder Mann: The Image of the Savage,” published by Dewi Lewis Publishing - a two-year journey through 18 European countries documenting still-practiced pagan festivals.

Photographer captures still-practiced Pagan rituals of Europe