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Artiste : Olafur Eliasson - "Multiple shadow house", 2010. Référence proposée par Barbara Verhaeghe, thérapeute spécialisée dans l'accompagnement des personnes souffrant de boulimie, hyperphagie, anorexie, orthorexie, phobie alimentaire. www.pleinement-soi.com

Olafur Eliasson, Multiple shadow house, When a body enters the space and begins to interact with the light installation

Sunset Silhouette, Canon Photography, Wanderlust Travel, Sunsets, Silhouettes, Camera Tricks, Fonts, Highlight, Texts

viscous fluids

viscous fluids



Model Rumah Sangat Sederhana

Model Rumah Sangat Sederhana

In this piece, learn everything you need to know about the God molecule. This toad medicine is found in the venom of a species of toad.

China Vase Breaking in Slow Motion

When in Rome - It is a tradition that the bridesmaids smash a vase. The number of pieces it breaks into is the number of happy years the bridesmaids wish for the married couple to have. I'm doing this for my bridesmaids and family members.

christmas garland blinking lights gif | Animated Botanical Light Show by wolfepaw on DeviantArt

This is a simple animation of Botanical Light Show, which is a tweak of a flame I did which was originally based on the marvelous, but slightly tricky B. Animated Botanical Light Show

A.I. laser targeting

NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover uses A. Laser Targeting for studying Mars - Clarksville, TN Online

How To Open Your Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) | Chakra Healing With Carol Tuttle - YouTube

Solar Plexus Chakra healing is used to heal and balance your Third Chakra. Learn how you can open the Manipura Chakra and fill it with good energy.

Соединение Марса и Солнца

Соединение Марса и Солнца

InfoNavWeb                       Informação, Notícias,Videos, Diversão, Games e Tecnologia.  : Anatel coloca em consulta pública Plano Geral de O...

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