Bridesmaids arrangements: One magnolia and a peacock feather. The bridesmaid bouquets matched Cheryl’s bouquet, which was also made up of feathers and magnolias. I like the idea of a magnolia, but not sure about the color

Strawflowers, beautiful color combo white/blue, with blue iris? or delphinium and sweet alyssum, daisy.

Gatsby was head over heels for a girl named daisy. She was in love with him too but they could be together.

Ox-eyed Daisy 29 04 2009 ‘May Queen’ Ox-eyed Daisy (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum). Ox-eyed Daisies, also known as Marguerite Daisies, are short, bushy perennials. Prolific reseeders, these hardy plants can grow in full sun or partial shade.