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DEILD means “Dream exit induced lucid dream” and involves going from the waking state to the lucid dreaming state without any lapse in consciousness.

Neural Lucid Dreamer here.

Neural Lucid Dreamer here.

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"i'm not made to carry this kind of weight" "yes you are. it's your legacy."

So I've read the first few parts of this and it is pretty interesting if you like these horoscope types of things ✤Zodiac signs✤

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The silence here is limitless: only the echoes of distant news survive the weight of the water. Vibrations from the coast bring rumours that are passed amongst us. We soon heard news of a prisoner on…

I want to fly

Lucid Dreams essentially mean to have a conscious dream. You know you are dreaming and can control your actions. Learn how to have lucid dreams along with some

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My Chérie Amour

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