Jan Gossaert - Portrait of Jan Mabuse

Jan Mabuse / Portrait of a merchant or Portrait of a Man (Jan Jacobsz. Snoeck) circa 1530 / National Gallery of Art

Mary Tudor & Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk - Mary was the younger sister of King Henry VIII of England & queen consort of France. She then married Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk in secret. Mary had been unhappy with her marriage to Louis XII, as at this time she was almost certainly in love w/ Brandon. The King was outraged, and wanted Brandon imprisoned or executed. Luckily, Brandon ended up w/ only a heavy fine.

Mary Tudor Queen of France, sister of Henry VIII married Louis XII. She later married Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.


Ovid Heroides (The Heroines) The Heroides (“Heroines”) or Epistulae Heroidum are a collection of 21 poems in elegiac couplets. The Heroides take the form of letters addressed by famous mythological.

Kupiec wenecki / The Merchant of Venice (2015) - David Sturzaker as Gratiano at Shakespeare's #Globe #DavidSturzaker

Kupiec wenecki / The Merchant of Venice - David Sturzaker as Gratiano at Shakespeare's

Hercule Francois, Duke of Alencon and Anjou by Francois Clouet, c. 1561

Hercule-François, Duke of Alençon and of Anjou This portrait was painted prior to a sever bout of smallpox which left the small prince physically disfigured.

Jacopo Barbari - Portrait of Fra Luca Pacioli with a Student

date: Portrait of the Mathematician, Frà Luca Pacioli - central figure in this painting exhibited in the Museo e Gallerie di Capodimonte in Napoli (Italy). The painter is unknown, although some people are convinced the painter is Jacopo de’ Barbari

Bartolomeo Compagni (1503–1561) — a Florentine diplomat, finansist and merchant in England.

Pier Francesco Foschi, Bartolomeo Compagni, Jacksonville, Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens