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Infinity Posthuman Miniature | Flickr - Photo Sharing! by Jon Geraghty

Aleph Posthuman miniature for the Infinity tabletop miniatures game, by Corvus Belli.

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10411100_740982082629368_751666721175423581_n.jpg (400×500)

10411100_740982082629368_751666721175423581_n.jpg (400×500)

Scarecrow's Combined Army

So ive finished up my Tohaa and Corriegdor armies and decided to take the plunge into Combined Army, with an initial focus on the upcoming Onyx Force Sect.


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Tom Schadle Miniatures: Aleph

I painted Achilles for one of MayaCast's monthly Patreon supporters raffle winners.

Tom Schadle Miniatures: Nomads - Mobile Brigada

The Nomads Mobile Brigada Heavy Infantry plays the role of Lieutenant in the Operation: Icestorm army. The base inserts are by Custo.

Tom Schadle Miniatures: Nomads - Grenzer

The Grenzer Security Teams are like a secret police that protect the interests of the banking giant Tunguska. The black used thro.

Infinity Nomads Grenzer Sniper by precinctomega

From a model by javi-ure, cast at about tall in white metal and sold by Corvus Belli for the Infinity miniatures game.

Tom Schadle Miniatures: Infinity: Oniwaban

The Oniwaban are from the Yu Jing faction of Infinity, and are also part of the Japanese Sectorial Army.