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Mar'i Grayson. She's beautiful. Just like starfire and nightwing.<< I ship her with Damian Wayne. Its rather adorable.

Just like starfire and nightwing. She is the perfect combination of Nightwing and Starfire even the name "Nightstar"it's like "night" from Nightwing and "star" from Starfire

STARCAVE : Photo Why are they so adorable and hot at the same time😭

Mar'i Grayson daughter of Dick Grayson and Starfire

Mar'i Grayson daughter of Dick Grayson and Starfire<<< This is inaccurate you got the wrong robin it's Starfire and Tim's daughter

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“Teen Titans being regular teenagers going through regular shit all teens go through is a fucking concept I can get behind”

Finally someone is putting there foot down Thankyou grayson, I mean come people u realize Damian Wayne is her uncle right?!

The weird thing about this is that Damian Wayne is her uncle, kind of.

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Nightstar is the daughter of Dick Grayson (Robin and Nightwing) and Koriand'r (Starfire) from the Kingdom Come alternate universe