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Der Weihnachtsbaum | LUMPENGÖR'N

Der Weihnachtsbaum

“pocket kittens” collection, by japanese embroider Hiroko Kubota

Fashion and the Internet have collided spectacularly in this series of awesome embroidered cat shirts by Japanese embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota.

"Casimir" Sealpoint Siamese Cat, by Suzanne Le Good, 2009

Ltd edition sealpoint siamese cat print from original painting suzanne le good

Limited edition sealpt siamese cat print from original painting suzanne le good

Cat named Sam by Andy Warhol ... I love Andy’s cats ... don’t know why. Think I will name this one “Fat Sam”

Sam, hand colored lithograph from eighteen cat prints that comprised a rare cat book published in by Andy Warhol.


Day 103 - Happy Farm Animals - smiling piggies massaged by little chicken feet

* * FAUX PAW: Harmony made a joke about being in Hawaii and getting ' lei'd ' while performing for seniors in feline rest home.

* * CONFESSION: " I wuz in yer homework, makin' sure yoo faileds math.

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Sumptuous, simple and direct, flora and fauna by Japanese artist Miroco Machiko. Read her ‘dairy’ here, and there’s a wonderful post on her by Kirra Jamison at DesignFiles…