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Commission for I hope you like iiiiit! In case anyone& curious, commissions are not open. This was just in exchange for a tfp Starscream figure EDIT: changed her face

we're twins. but we're both albinos. which is very very rare and 'special'. everyone calls us creepy. we hate wearing the same clothes as each other all the time but momma makes us. poppa died last night, momma says he caught a chill to the heart. we don't think his was very warm to begin with. we like to go on walks. the grove around our cottage is very pretty. we want to run away someday. somewhere. but we won't. Momma would be sad. we're tired now. go away.

Really LOVE this work by Saccstry Official, "Snow White and Red Rose" heart emoticon xo

Ocular Crystalosis by Saccstry.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Saccstry is the artist behind these beautifully unique and freaky illustrations, all are created digitally with a wacom tablet. Her pieces feature cute and colorful

Two Oh by Saccstry.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Happy birthday to meHappy birthday to meHappy birthday dear SaccstryyyHappy birthday to me And there is gorrrre on channel fourrrrA bloody kneeee on channel threeeeAnd tortured ladiiies on channel eightyyy