Purple Shamrock - Best in shade as front-of-bed edging or ringing a shade shrub such as hydrangeas or rhododendrons. Also nice in a shady flower pot. Companion plants: Under Ferns, Cimicifuga or Variegated Solomon?

Chocolate morning -Nicholle Kobi French Artist, Nicholle Kobi, Brings Black Girl Magic To Life Through Her Illustrations.

Praying babies!

Nightly Prayers by Alan Hicks - 12x16 print

Their Nightly Prayers is an African American work of art by Alan Hicks depicting four children praying at the the end of their bed rails as their parents watch proudly in the door way.

Forever Unbothered by Jonquel Art

"Unbothered" Part 1 of a new series inspired by some of my favorite phrases. Also a goal of mine is to remain Unbothered by negativity.