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"I've seen such   incredible darkness   it could turn me to stone , time to make my way back  to my fathers' resting zone" https://youtu.be/5RRLZ_3o7j8

Gas masks for war-time nuns?

Photo: Beatriz Mariano

Most of all, FUCK YOU // socialpsychopathblr: Beatriz Mariano photography

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Nun & holy gaz mask by Stéphane Giner.

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Ever since I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster

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In Black River Falls the non infected people could be around the infected people but if they were too close to them they could get it. So they used gas mask to be close to the infected people. It was an air born illness so that why they used gas mask.

put a nun's habit on anything other than a nun, and it's automatically creepy as hell

Talk to a nun - preferably not in a gas mask but if there is one that is ok too.She is ordered to wear it so she doesn't spread her erotic life styles to others Mais

Gas Mask

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Gas mask photography I love the gas mask photos.possible Halloween costume!!!

One of hundreds of gas masks scattered around an abandoned textile factory in Milan.

Like I Said Leave It On... ZdinBlack-pinterest

Like I Said Leave It On... ZdinBlack-pinterest

Gas Masks, Rain Wear, Raincoat, Priorities, Hoods, Latex, Hiking, Masks, Rain Gear

From Atomage Rubberist issue 1

Gwen dressed for rain

Gwen dressed for rain

Multi-layered mud V by MMMP9

Multi-layered mud V

Latex Hood, Gas Masks, Raincoat, Women Wear, Hoods, Rain Gear, Cowls, Cooker Hoods, Rains Raincoat