This is why he's my absolute favorite!

This man writes Pulitzer Prize winning books, people. We're all octopuses people! Just to clear that up for you!

This also works for the definition of fangirl on Pinterest....<-- indeed. But I thought this was Amy Pond in the first picture.

The Blogger’s natural habitat…

this is so perfect and shes wearing an ohio state sweat shirt! I too love ohio state!

17 Movies According To Tumblr… The Hitchhiker's Guide one was the best. "That fact was not fun."

Oh my GOD, I never realised this before. Omfg the freaking horse one, I'm dying xD

John Green

John and Hank Green. Harry Potter never went pro because he had better things to do

Martin Freeman and John Green, good friends.

Martin freeman and John Green would be great friends…two of my favorite people

Military uniforms.....Dies of the kink, and requires Chris Pine and Zackary Quinto please....;)

XD "Sign me up for the next war!" Hello Captain Rogers is way better then Sebastian Stan!

John Green, ladies and gentlemen

This is the man who wrote Tfios, Lfa, PT, and AoK.John Green everyone!

John Green the Intellectual. This man has two sides- awe inspiring intelligent author, and five year old. There is no in between.

John Green the Intellect

“You’re new here aren’t you” John green the intellectual😂

This is brilliant! Love this man!

Funny pictures about Why Can’t More People Think Like John Green? Oh, and cool pics about Why Can’t More People Think Like John Green? Also, Why Can’t More People Think Like John Green?

John Green everyone. I don't know where to save this to so umma just put it in the memes category

25 Reasons Why John Green Is Awesome… pardon the language but these are hilarious. still gotta read TFIOS

I wanna be like John green when I move out

And John Green wrote The Fault In Our Stars and other amazing books. But this, this is also John Green

it's the story! OMG, John Green is so awkward and wonderful!

John Green on how he asked his wife out for the first time. THIS MAN. I seriously ship John and the Yeti so hard. I love them.