Selective hearing aids for men. My dad must have told my husband where to get one

Always a way

This what someone wrote: "Truth. If men could feel war, death and suffering in their balls, we'd live in a VERY peaceful world.


If it requires putting on lipstick, doing my hair or wearing a bra, it's not happening today.LOL, we all have days like that

#borntobedifferent #whatswithinu #MayaAngelou

#borntobedifferent #whatswithinu #MayaAngelou

This happens to us older ladies that get tired of trying to make it to the bathroom without dribbling.

Maxine: You know you're getting old when you can't walk past a bathroom without thinking "I may as well pee while I'm here.

Christmas humor

How to Make Just About Damn Near Anything... Last Longer

I thought it would be cute and good for a few chuckles to start this please add any funny naughty Christmas pic or quotes.let's get into the spirit of things and have a laugh.Merry Christmas everyone:icon_santa: 148247


I know I am not in a walker yet but I feel like this sometimes! Cuz they always want you to be on top after you have worked, cleaned, cooked dinner, cleaned again, gotten the kids to bed and are finally in bed yourself!