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10+ Adorable Hedgehog Pics To Celebrate Hedgehog Day

Meet Huff: The Vampire Hedgehog

Meet Huff: The Vampire Hedgehog

If you think of what do hedgehogs eat, you may usually think of nutritious foods. But, similar to humans who loves junk food, hedgehogs are not exempted.

Animals Look So Much Better When They’re Babies

Animals Look So Much Better When They’re Babies

Biddy is a three year old male African Pygmy Hedgehog from Fairview, Oregon that loves to get out and explore. He’s travelled far and wide in the United States, and has been on roadtrips and hikes, as well as on summer and winter expeditions.

I so proud of this little dude! He has been to way more places than I have but looks super cute whilst doing it!

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For The Love Of Hedgehogs! - LoL Champ

Facts About Hedgehog Pet

The baby hedgehog should also be fed with good milk substitute like “Vitapet” lactose free pet milk which is usually available in the supermarket. You should never give your hoglets cow’s milk.

Nutritious diet for your pet hedgehog will ensure you that you will be having a healthy and happy companion for years.

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Canned dog or cat food can work well as a hedgehog food. But, you have to ensure that these food are rich in protein and fiber and are primarily made of chicken or other meat.

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Contrary to common belief, hedgehogs aren't immune to snake venom. Most snakes can't get through their spines, but when they can, hedgehogs are more resistant to venom.

As far as pets go, it is the African pygmy hedgehog that is the most popular. These hedgehogs have a lifespan of around...

Facts About Hedgehog Pet

Here are some strange, yet true, things you may not have known about hedgehogs.<-----You must know Jawn really well to know all these things about him!<~~~~ the Sherlock fandom striking again.