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Moonshine from the wood | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Reminds me of the Bride, a Sylph connected to powerful trees, who haunts the woods in to claim vulnerable men as her consort.

Light Painting... Lembra o pessoal do dragon ball quando vai lutar... ahhahah

A selection of 14 beautiful photographs of Light Painting created by photographer Dennis Calvert. We often talked about light painting, but rare are the

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https://flic.kr/p/oRq17g | A caress of the void | Etsy Blog Facebook  cape by the Seamstress of Rohan

Here we are basically we’re outside. I think it’s, what, two o’clock in the afternoon, so fairly bright day. All I’m using is my, I’ve got a Nikon with a 70 to

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And wrapped with hoarfrost the weary heart. And fell severe cold as armor on the shoulders.

Han-dynasty era river warfare. Circa 100 AD. There was little need for sea warfare in China given the convex shape of the land. River warfare dominated as illustrated by these unusual flat-bottomed boats. Fire boats are shown in the upper left. Carrying burning wood, they were set adrift in the direction of the enemy's vessels.:

Big targets like this ancient Chinese war ship are easy to attack with modern technology.