Aldo Rossi by Luigi Ghirri

Paradise Backyard: Aldo Rossi by Luigi Ghirri

a f a s i a: Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler

archatlas: “ Villa Ensemble AFGH Architects Near Zurich The discreet polygonal volumes of the two buildings are the result of ideas of visual privacy and vantage points, and with their slanted roofs.

Paradise Backyard: Aldo Rossi

"a group of architects and intellectuals all in their thirties looked back at the legacy of Modern Architecture, as well as the enormous.

Whitewash // Nicholas Alan Cope

Whitewash Nicholas Alan Cope LA is a city of contrasts—the famous and unknown, blinding light and impenetrable shadow, wealth and poverty, m.

n-e-x-u-s:  The Temple

Visions of an Industrial Age // Canevascini Corecco - Residential complex, Ascona light shadow passage two source of light hallway corridor

Aldo Rossi (1931–1997) / San Cataldo Cemetery, 1971 / Modena, Italy.

Gallery of AD Classics: San Cataldo Cemetery / Aldo Rossi - 38