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#VOCALOID4 #Fukase #KasaneTeto #UTAU

#VOCALOID4 #Fukase #KasaneTeto #UTAU

Oh Len, messing with Oliver like that! Your a Jerk! But I love you anyway!

My two favorite Vocaloids, Len and Oliver.

Olikase Fukase and Oliver

Olikase my favorites pare

Fuka boooiiii ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Possibly my favorite Vocaloid!

<3 The wolf that fell in love with red riding hood! One of my fave songs by the twins!

The wolf that fell in love with red riding hood Rin and Len Kagamine


This was my contest entry for the design of upcoming VOCALOID, "Fukase" (Fukase is the singer in SEKAI NO OWARI which if I am not mistake.

Its a cheeb by Devsies

I'm making a Fukase Shimeji this is the main base it's missing some details bc im trying to get all of the basic frames drawn first Im not even halfway . Its a cheeb

FUKASE Vocaloid 4

FUKASE Vocaloid 4

Fukase by harumomoisreal

Pixeltober, day One of my favorite vocaloids!



HD Wallpaper and background photos of Teto Kasane for fans of Kasane Teto images.

Fan art by mojgon: For those of you who don't know, Puppycat's voice is used by the software, Vocaloid, specifically from the character, Oliver!

mojgon: “I found out that Puppycat is voiced by the vocaloid Oliver. Also thought it would be cute to see Puppycat as a girl gijinka hehe.

Fukase by bountiper

im a new fan Fukase

#vocaloid #fukase

Art: Fukase by LittleLadyPumpkin

View full-size (780x780 544 kB.)

View full-size (780x780 544 kB.)

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