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Shopping! Good Lord, major drooling going on!

Good Lord, major drooling going on!

Landscape Photography Tips: Awesome Views

Awesome Views

Lake Obersee- Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany - We've been here! Just as pretty in real life

Hetalia • it's funny because I'm "Prussia" and I use the term frickle frackle so it's believable xD

Oh my gosh this is the cutest and funniest thing ever! These two are the best brothers in the whole show, I swear!<<the frickle frackle. The undercover couple twister. The bed boogie.

Germany knows what the fangirls know XD That Prussia is hella sexy

"waht are you giggling about now" "fictional germans" "ah yes fictional germans me favouratie literaty topic" "dad pls"

X3 2p! Germany & Baby Germany!!!! X3 Cuteness Overloading *dies*

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Cuteness Overloading *dies* <<< Baby Germany is sooo precious!

But imagine how Spain would react if he saw.

Omg have you heard Italian people fight? I live in a area were there are a surprising amount of Italian people and last month I saw two Italian woman arguing. It's actually terrifying, the most terrifying thing Italians can do is argue in public.

The Mosel River, Germany, circa 1930. Will do a little exploration in the area.

The Mosel River, Germany, circa [An interesting idea for fantasy map making.