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and then bruce is right behind him sighing and looking like a stressed out dad who just saw a wall (and the kid) covered in marker

Bucky is like a kid that gets in big trouble and Stepdad Tony is demanding military school/major punishment while Mama Steve is being protective. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

'Heard Tony Scream..'

I'm not even in the avengers fandom but this is still funny. Secondhand fandom syndrome is real, people!

I'm stage five. I stay to the end of EVERYTHING because I don't trust anyone anymore. Heck, there was an end scene for FROZEN!! I even waited to the very end of Mockingjay!

I'm stage four<< Me too<<<<<Me three <<<< Marvel has given me trust issues. I now want to watch the credits of every movie I see!<<<I'm stage three >_> Marvel have given me trust issues too

24 Times Tumblr Had Hilariously Great Ideas For The Avengers

24 Times Tumblr Had Hilariously Great Ideas For The Avengers

"If Cap 3 isn't called Captain America and Falcon: We're Up All Night To Get Bucky then I'm not watching it.

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I like this because I feel like Steve and Avengers - bucky are put on this superior-humans level. This makes them seem regular human.

Wait what.... I thought the ending was going to be  "We're all unified by the fact that our heroes will always be our heroes"

True but I don't hate Sharon tho. She and Steve do share a bond, but not romantic. The kiss came creepy 'oh, Peggy's niece?beacuse she's the closest to Peggy I can get on Idk creepy!