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They need to go to To this one place in Texas where there is a street called Purgatory road and the canyon by that road called the Devils Backbone and the zip code is 666

in Infographics. I love that someone actually took the time and got all this information. our fandom is insanely dedicated. <--- there has been an episode in Arizona, season 8 or 9 I think

Sass-tiel 9 by enginesummer

Well apparently I'm just a mean bitch, because I made another one of Cas telling people off. Sidenote: Cas meeting Sam, he's quoting The Smiths "The Boy With the Thorn in His Side.

Pig in a poke. Cat out of the bag. Supernatural

Supernatural fandom never sleep. analyzing subtext, loving Winchesters the family business

Damnit cas, I thought you were following the bees

[gifset] Jensen, Mark and the bees :) Season 9 gag reel. This war my favorite part of the gag reel

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Supernatural Reasons the show should have ended after season 5 like it was supposed to