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John I of Cleves (1419-1481), reigned Duchy of Kleve, Germany - Rogier van der Weyden

John I of Cleves reigned Duchy of Kleve, Germany - Rogier van der Weyden

Marie of Cleves, Princess of Condé, Francois Clouet. Marie of Cleves or of Nevers (Marie de Clèves, Marie de Nevers; 1553–1574), by marriage the Princess of Condé, was the wife of Henry, Prince of Condé, and an early love interest of King Henry III of France. 2nd cousin once removed of Anne of Cleves, briefly the wife of Henry VIII. Her brothers-in-law were Henry I, Duke of Guise and Louis Gonzaga, Duke of Nevers.

A sketch of Marie of Cleves, Princess of Condé - She was the mistress of Henri III until her death.

Happy Birthday King Henry VIII! On this day in history, 28 June 1491, King Henry VIII was born at Greenwich Palace.  He was Henry VII & Elizabeth of York’s second son, the “spare” they needed in case anything happened to his older brother, Prince Arthur. And he was needed! On the 2nd April, Prince Arthur the Prince of Wales died at the age of 15, just months after his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Not only did Henry inherit Arthur’s position, Prince of Wales, he also inherited his wife.

Henry VIII -- -- Joos van Cleeve -- Flemish -- Royal Collection Trust of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2013

с.1485.Adolph of Cleves, Lord of Ravenstein (1425- 1492) oil on oak.34.2×28.2 cm.Gemäldegalerie, Berlin. Master of Portraits of Princes  (fl.c.1490)

Adolph of Cleves, Lord of Ravenstein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Philip of Cleves- Revenstein is on the Right

Philip of Cleves- Revenstein is on the Right

John William of Jülich-Cleves-Berg (German: Johann Wilhelm, Herzog zu Kleve, Julich und Berg) (28 May 1562 – 25 March 1609) was a Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg.His parents were William the Rich, Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg (1516–92) and Maria of Austria (1531–81), a daughter of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor and Anna of Bohemia and Hungary.He grew up and was educated in Xanten. John William became Bishop of Münster.

Great Grandfather JW Johann Wilhelm The Last, Mad Duke of Cleves

Madeleine de Clèves-Juliers-Berg, duchesse palatine de Deux-Ponts

Madeleine of Jülich-Cleves-Berg, Countess Palatine of Zweibrücken, 1576

Heiratspolitik_009_004 Maria von Habsburg, Erzherzogin von Österreich (1531-1581), Tochter Kaiser Ferdinands III. by Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf, via Flickr

''Maria von Hapsburg,daughter of Ferdinand I married the Duke of Julich-Cleaves-Berg, brother of Anne of Cleves, Henry VIII's queen.'' An example of Hapsburg jaw.

Anne of Cleves by Richard Burchett. Oil on panel, 1850s. Henry thought she was ugly and in the Tutor series, said she looked like a horse.

Anne of Cleves, wife of King Henry VIII, of England. (see our Wall-Sutton-Runyon/Reignion ancestry chart) By Richard Burchett Oil on panel,

Golden Fleece Order stallplate of 48. John I, Duke of Cleves (1419-1481), Sint-Rumoldus Kerk Mechelen, by Pierre Coustain, 1491.

Golden Fleece Order Stall-plate of John I, Duke of Cleves Sint-Rumoldus Kerk Mechelen, by Pierre Coustain,

Engraving of  Anne of Cleves, fourth wife of Henry VIII, by Vermuelen, printer and engraver, who worked in Antwerp from 1644-1708. He transposed paintings into engravings for the public audience.  His  "portraits" of members of the Henrician and Elizabethan courts bear little if any resemblance to the portraits painted from life over two centuries earlier. This portrait, a distortion of the Holbein, shows a worn, haggard face in line with the cruel myth that Henry rejected her for her looks.

Engraving of Anne of Cleves fourth wife of Henry VIII, by Vermuelen, printer and…

Anne Von Kleves (Anne of Cleves) wax figure. 4th wife of Henry VIII. Motto: 'God send me well to keep'

Anne Von Kleves (Anne of Cleves), fourth wife of Henry VIII, wax figure. Motto: 'God send me well to keep.

Анриетта или Генриетта Клевская (Henriette de Clèves;31.10.1542-24. 06.1601,Невер)ст.дочь 1-го герц. Неверского,наследница Невера и Ретеля,двоюр.сестра Генриха Наваррского,близкая подруга его жены Маргариты.Ее младш. сестрами были Екатерина(жена герцога Гиза)и Мария (жена принца Конде).Екатерина Медичи подобрала ей в мужья троюр. брата-благородного,рыцарствен. ,но безземельного итальянца, Лодовико Гонзага,с к-рым соч. браком в 1565.В браке род.5 детей.

Henriette of Cleves, Daughter of Francis I, Duke of Nevers and Marguerite of Bourbon La Marche. Married Louis I of Gonzaga, who becomes Duke of Nevers on the death of her brother. She is sister to Catherine and Mary of Cleves