M12: I like that the title has been worked into the cover. I wonder sometimes, what a cover has to do with the actual story. This one is pretty clear.

86 Beautiful Book Covers

Book cover designs are a part and parcel of the printing industry. Before you design a book cover, pen down the theme of the book. With these words, you can start thinking and developing a book cover design.

Jack Hunter.

PHOTO: New Yorker's Amazing DOMA Cover

The New Yorker, July 2013 - This cover issue commemorated the Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage: an illustration of Bert and Ernie from ‘Sesame Street’.

Viadrina x Thomas Wirski x M. Czajkowski w Sopocie

25 Impressive Flyer Designs Inspiration

Band poster idea / photo and white text / layout design / Viadrina x Thomas Wirski x M. Czajkowski w Sopocie

Muse | Gisele Bündchen

PHOTOS: Gisele & Tom's New House Is Bigger Than Our Whole Neighborhood

Gisele Bundchen got the black and white treatment for the Spring cover of Italy's Muse magazine. She shares an accompanying photo shoot with other supermodels