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Матері та сестри бійців АТО долучились до проекту “Листи на фронт” - фото 1

Майстерня Треті Півні added a new photo — with Oksana Brandt Jakobsen.

(32) Майстерня Треті Півні - Публикации

Mother and sister ATU soldiers joined the project "Letters to the front" - photo 2

Ukrainian folk costume by Treti pivni

Incredible photo shoot mothers, wives and sisters ATO soldiers in Ukrainian costumes (Photos) - World.


dough birds

of Vía Ladna Kobieta

hutsul zgardy, or amulets/talismans

by Anna Hunt, Waking Times Do you find it exhausting to be around stressed out or negative people? Have you ever left a dramatic situation feeling drained, even if you weren’t personally involved?

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